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Prime Service Provider, Bank Neo Commerce, Garners Numerous Awards

Prime Service Provider, Bank Neo Commerce, Garners Numerous Awards

PT Bank Neo Commerce Tbk (BNC), Bank Neo, Bank, OJK

Depok – PT Bank Neo Commerce Tbk (BNC), a bank with the most comprehensive digital services, continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving financial inclusion in Indonesia. Not only does it provide access to individual customers, but BNC also serves various segments according to their needs, offering increasingly comprehensive services and products.

On January 9, 2024, marked BNC’s 34th anniversary of providing the best financial services to the Indonesian people. In its operational activities, BNC strives to provide excellent services to all customer segments, including individuals, corporations, and SMEs.

Closing out 2023, BNC actively collaborated with various partners, such as Luna POS, UangMe, Clemont Finance Indonesia, Esta Dana Ventura, 360Kredi, Gadai Mas Jatim, Koperasi Syariah Benteng Mikro Indonesia, and Koperasi Karyawan Industri PT Kahatex.

These partnerships are strategic steps for BNC to enhance the availability of fast and easy financial services for all. For instance, the collaboration with 360Kredi, established since 2022, aims to boost economic growth by providing loans to the lower-middle-class.

Furthermore, BNC provides working capital to Gadai Mas Jatim, a conventional pawnshop company, and to Koperasi Syariah Benteng Mikro Indonesia and Koperasi Karyawan Industri PT Kahatex for working capital distribution to cooperative members. These collaborations facilitate access to loans for cooperative members, assisting them in meeting daily needs.

Acting Head of PT Bank Neo Commerce, Tbk, Aditya Windarwo, emphasized BNC’s focus on strategic collaborations in its digital service transformation. He stated, “BNC is a digital bank that embraces an open ecosystem, enabling collaboration with various parties to advance Indonesia’s economy by partnering with those who share common goals.”

As the digital bank with the highest user base and the most comprehensive services and products, BNC is aware of the need to provide financial management understanding. It actively conducts various financial literacy and inclusion programs independently or in collaboration with partners.

BNC continuously enhances customer services and complements product features to enable diverse transactions through the neobank, the BNC mobile banking application.

BNC’s various initiatives solidify its position as a digital bank consistently delivering excellent services, becoming the preferred choice for the Indonesian people.

In 2023, BNC received several awards, including The Best Issuer ATM Bersama by ATM Bersama, Best Digital Finance for User-Friendly Appearance and Interesting Features in Banking Transaction KBMI 1 by Warta Ekonomi, Most Active Bank in Financial Literacy Activities KBMI 1 by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), Pure Digital Category for Customer Dimension by Investortrust, Highest BI-FAST Member Transaction by ALTO Network, and 3rd Place in the Digital Bank Category by Insurance Media.

In 2024, BNC received recognition from the 7th Infobank Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Engagement survey by Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI). The awards include Top Rank Digital Bank in Satisfaction, Loyalty, & Engagement 2024, The Best Digital Bank in Brand Interactivity, The Best Digital Bank in Customer Loyalty, The Strongest Customer Engagement Digital Bank, The Best Digital Bank in Marketing Engagement, The 2nd Most Satisfying Digital Bank in Mobile Banking, The 3rd Best Digital Bank in Satisfaction Index, and The 3rd Most Satisfying Digital Bank in Services.

“These awards result from the hard work and effective collaboration of all Neobankers, who wholeheartedly strive to provide the best financial services to the Indonesian people. Entering the fourth year since its digital service transformation, the spirit of Neobankers continues to rise. In the future, we commit to innovating continuously, producing features and financial products that address the challenges faced by customers and the community in general,” explained Aditya.

BNC ensures that receiving awards is not its primary goal, but the recognitions from credible institutions serve as a strong motivator to enhance performance and provide excellent services to the public.

“This series of awards does not make us complacent. These achievements will serve as motivation for us to continue doing our best and delivering excellent services to the entire Indonesian community,” concluded Aditya.